This article published by shared some interesting info about the failure of Field Turf’s fields that were recently installed at San Diego schools. Ashly McGlone of VOSD writes:

“The turf company that has had problems throughout San Diego and the country has another sticky situation on its hands, and has turned to dumping loads of glue on weak fields to make them stronger.

San Diego County schools, along with other schools across the nation, shelled out millions in taxpayer money for new FieldTurf fields, only to have them quickly fall apart. The company then demanded more money to upgrade schools to a better product, called Revolution.

The Revolution turf, which can cost public high schools $400,000 to $900,000 per field, is supposed to be strong enough to withstand the beating from student athletes and is guaranteed under warranty to last eight years. Schools that received defective turf were forced to pay thousands more for supposedly sturdier turf – and now that turf is falling apart too.”

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